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Tammex Customers - Endota Spa

The endota spa story began in 2000 when Melanie Gleeson pursued her dream to give back and inspire others to connect with themselves. The first day spa on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula paved the way for well-being to be considered a priority rather than a treat. The natural environment of the Mornington Peninsula became our guiding inspiration. The expansive light, the relaxing colours and the power of nature to heal is embodied in our spas, our products and our organic treatments.

Tammex provides Endota Sap with digital signage for all there Australian Stores. With 99 locations across Australia, Endota Spa require a software and hardware solution to update there network from a central location. Tammex provides an Android based digital signage solution to all Endota Spa to self manage there entire commercial display network.

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