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Commercial Display Installation

Design & Installation
Tammex is an Australia wide AV integrator. Our technicians are capable of doing aspects of AV integration from a simple service request through to a complex custom LED video wall. We use highly trained technicians with outstanding results. No installation is to difficult for our experienced team.

Taking advantage of our expertise during the design process can save time and money during installation. Contact us now and Tammex can advise free of charge during the design process to ensure fit-outs are built to specification.
Commercial Display Professionals
We supply and install commercial displays to come of Australia's biggest companies. Our screens are installed in almost every major shopping centre across the entire country. Call us now on 1300 722 341 for details on which is your closest location so you can view our professional fit-outs in person.

Tammex provides software solutions for simple content management from a central location. In only a few minutes our customers can update screens across the entire country with easy. Speak with our digital signage experts now for further details.
Video Wall & LED Specialists
Our LED video wall team have designed and installed LED in various locations around Australia. We are experienced professionals who design and install LED projects of all sizes. Call us now on 1300 722 341 to discuss your LED requirements and Tammex can make the entire process as simple as possible.

Our LED screens are installed in most major shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand. We use high quality LED hardware that measure up to the best LED on the market. Ask now for your nearest location so you can see our excellent screens in person.